PayBlok FAQ

About InstaSupply

Who are InstaSupply?

InstaSupply was founded in late 2014 by Lee Pruitt and Tim Huegdon with the vision to simplify all buyer and supplier business interactions online; born out of their prior experiences.

While disrupting the problems in business related to ordering, delivering, invoicing and accounting, the payments has always been the end game since inception, the company has spent its time since the foundation building and refining a robust workflow that captures, digitizes, and automates all these back-and-forth interactions that proceed payment.

About supply chain finance

What is supply chain finance?

Supplier finance optimizes cash flow for businesses by lengthening their payment terms to their suppliers while providing the opportunity for suppliers to get paid early using third party funding.

How is supply chain finance different from a loan?

Supply chain finance is not a loan.

Supply chain finance is an extension of the buyers’ accounts payable and not considered financial debt. For the supplier, it represents a non-recourse, true sale of receivables. There is no lending on either side of the buyer/supplier equation, which means there is no impact to balance sheets.

How is supply chain finance different from invoice factoring?

Supply chain finance is not invoice factoring.

Invoice factoring enables a supplier to sell its invoices to a financial institution in return for earlier, but partial, payment. Most factoring programs are recourse loans; the lender has recourse to claw back the funds if the buyer does not pay. Factoring is much more expensive than buyer-initiated supply chain finance.

How is supply chain finance different from a early pay discounting?

Supply chain finance is not early pay discounting.

Early payment programs, such as dynamic discounting, are buyer-initiated programs where buyers offer suppliers earlier payments in return for discounts on their invoices. Unlike supply chain finance, buyers are seeking to lower their cost of goods, not to improve their cash flow. Dynamic discounting and early payment programs often turn out to be expensive for both suppliers (who are getting paid less than agreed upon) and buyers who tie up their own cash to fund the programs.

About PayBlok

What is the relationship between PayBlok and InstaSupply?

InstaSupply is our networked platform providing cash-flow intelligence for companies managing their orders and invoices with each other.

PayBlok is our crypto asset that enables businesses to pay and get paid quickly within the economy operating inside the InstaSupply platform.

What is the roadmap for launching PayBlok?

The main token sale will run from 27th August to 23rd September 2018.
The launch of PayBlok, as a feature of the instasupply platform, will be progressive, starting in Q1 of 2019.

About the PayBlok project and business model

What is the benefit of using blockchain tokens?

PayBlok Tokens are the incentives that will encourage adoption of the following features on the InstaSupply platform:
- Integrated Payment Solution.
- Supply Chain Financing.
- Asset-Based Lending.

Why not just partner with a bank to provide business finance?

By working with a bank we are restricted to their processes such as exclusivity contracts, jurisdiction limitations, rates, and general lack of flexibility reducing the ability to be competitive.

How is participation within the economy incentivized?
  • Suppliers - suppliers are incentivized as they are receiving immediate payment for their approved invoices at an attractive rate. As a result suppliers are incentivized to bring on their customers which grows the economy.
  • Buyers - share in the returns from the early payment discount as they split between the third party funder and the buying organisation. Buyers are incentivized to bring on more suppliers as they can then monetize their payables.

About the PayBlok token sale

How do I participate in the token sale?

Participating in the token sale can be achieved through 3 easy steps:
1. Register.
2. Apply for the whitelist and provide your ether wallet details.
3. Wait for whitelist approval confirmation (via email) and receive a hyperlink to the sale.

How can I pay for tokens in the sale?

You can currently purchase tokens in our sale with the following means of payment:

  • Pay via bank transfer/wire transfer (our bank account is based in the UK). All transfer fees must be paid by the customer purchasing tokens.
  • Pay in selected cryptocurrencies via Coinbase (currently accepting: bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin).

Important: InstaSupply reserves the right to amend the means of payment above without notice.

Requirements for participating in the PayBlok token sale

Any person wishing to purchase tokens during our sale needs to be prepared beforehand.
Our end-goal is for everyone to be able to contribute safely and successfully.
Please consult the following resources on ths same page:

  • How to create a wallet compatible to Ether
  • How to buy Ether
  • How to exchange Ether for PayBlok token

Important notes:
- Do not send crypto-currency payments from an exchange because the transaction will not be completed.
- Only payments from ERC20-compatible wallet will be accepted (eg: MyEtherWallet, MetaMask).


The concept

To purchase PayBlok, or any other cryptocurrency, you need to be familiar with wallets and how to manage them.

While physical wallets store your money, cryptocurrency wallets work like a software program connected to several blockchains. The wallet holder can check their balance, and send/receive money using a public and a private key.

Within a wallet, there are two keys; a public key, which enables you to be identified within the blockchain, and a private key, which enables you to access money.

In order to access your private key, you will be given a unique password, which cannot be changed, you must always keep this password safe. If you lose it or someone hacks it, you will looe the entire contents of your wallet.


Types of wallets

Wallets range from 100% offline (cold), such as USB devices, which are very secure but not convenient to 100% online (hot), such as third party companies that store your wallet for you so you can move assets quickly.

By having one wallet offline and one wallet online you can reap the benefits from both sides. Leave some money that you won't need in the short term in your cold wallet, and some money in your hot wallet to make transfers in a more agile way.

Please bear in mind that to participate in any token sale, you need to have your own ERC20 compatible wallet.

Our recommendation

We recommend MyEtherWallet, as it works perfectly with ERC20 tokens. Addtionaly, MyEtherWallet performs best when used in combination with Metamask Chrome plugin.


Exchange accounts (Binance/Coinbase/Poloniex/Kraken) are not considered as your own wallet since you don’t control your private key. Sending money from this type of account to our token sale wallet will not count as a token purchase because you don’t own the private key for this wallet and this money will be lost.

However, these exchange accounts will have use after the token sale is finished, to buy or sell our tokens.

What tools are available to safely manage tokens?

When it comes to accessing your EtherWallet in an easy and secure way, MetaMask is one of the most secure solutions.
Metamask is a plug-in that can be installed in your browser; it allows you to run Ethereum DApps in a secure way.

Companies such as MyEtherWallet suggest users access their wallets using Metamask.
If you'd like to see how to create your wallet at MyEtherWallet, please click here.

When it comes to a more secure environment when accessing cryptocurrency websites in general, Cryptonite is a very simple way to verify if the page is the real one or not.

If it's the right place, the Cryptonite logo turns green. If not, the logo stays black. If it's not a cryptocurrency website, it remains black since it's not in the cryptocurrency website list.

Cryptonite for Chrome.
Cryptonite for Firefox.

How to create a wallet compatible to Ether

This is the very first step you need to take if you're considering buying PayBlok tokens.

When it comes to purchasing tokens, we recommend using is MyEtherWalle, due to its compatibilty with ERC20 tokens.

When creating your EtherWallet, it is recommended to use the Chrome plugin Metamask.

After clicking on "GET CHROME EXTENSION" and adding the plugin to your browser, you need to create a very secure password (consider adding special characters and upper/lowercase words.

Now, 12 words will appear in your app. Write them down on and save them somewhere safe because this sequence of words is the unique way to restore your MetaMask account, that will contain all your funds.

A wallet named "Account 1" will be automatically created for you.

If you'd like to use the MyEtherWallet interface, you can access it through your MetaMask extension. First, you need to go to and make sure that you're visiting the right website (check the URL carefully).

image 1

In the menu, click on "Send Ether & Tokens" and select the option "MetaMask/ Mist" to access your wallet.

image 2

Click on "Connect to MetaMask" and you should be able to see your account address (public key), balance and history on the right hand-side. Also, you'll be able to send Ether to another wallet on the left hand-side.

How can I avoid phishing and hacking scams during the PayBlok token sale?

General best practices for optimal safety

If you’re considering purchasing the PayBlok token, you should be familiarize yourself with best practices on how to avoid potential scams created by cybercriminals. Refer to for a list of 10 ways to increase your safety when using the Internet.

Safety during the PayBlok token sale

For our token sale, clicking on the right link in the right place is key to maintaining your safety when participating in our token sale.
Also, it’s always a good idea to install Anti-Phishing toolbar and Firewalls, which prohibit pop-ups. Additionally, you should use an Antivirus software.

The sections below outline our preferred communication channels, how to reach us and from where to expect reliable content.

Safety is our number one priority.

Please read this article carefully.

One-way communication

The InstaSupply Twitter account is the only twitter account which you should trust regarding announcements and information.
If you see any other account announcing something on our behalf, check our own account to verify that information.

Two-way communication

Our Slack and Telegram groups are the channels we use to deal with direct messages.

Please note we will never take the initiative to start conversations with you, send messages via Slackbots, nor will we ask for wallet information via Telegram and/or Slack.


This is the place where we send our announcements via email. We don’t send wallet addresses via newsletter. The only place to find those is at


Remember: our legitimate website is
If you have any other link, please double check the URL to see if it is correct.

Token sale

The token sale will start on the 10th of July.
The token sale address will be announced only on the PayBlok website.
To make sure that you’re transferring crypto-currency payments to the correct wallet, please double check the wallet address is the one displayed on

When will PayBlok tokens be listed on exchanges?

Our intention is to have PayBlok listed on selected exchanges 120 days after the sale.

Which digital wallets work with PayBlok tokens?

The PBLK token will comply with the ERC20 standard.
Therefore, any wallet that is compatible with Ethereum will be compatible with PayBlok.
Below is a non-exhaustive list of compatible wallets:
- MyEtherWallet (no download needed);
- MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon) Recommended;
- Mist (Desktop);
- Parity (Desktop);
- imToken (iPhone);
- imToken (Android);
- Trust(iPhone);
- Trust(Android);
- Cipher(iPhone);
- Cipher(Android).

The following hardware wallets are known to be compatible with Ethereum tokens:
- MyEtherWallet + Ledger;
- MyEtherWallet + Trezor.

What can I expect the average prices to be?

The pricing structure is designed as a 6-tier system, with a limited number of tokens for each.
The base price increases with each tier, as follows:
- Tier 1: 7,500,000 PayBlok tokens sold at $ 0.24 USD per token
- Tier 2: 15,000,000 PayBlok tokens sold at $ 0.25 USD per token
- Tier 3: 15,000,000 PayBlok tokens sold at $ 0.27 USD per token
- Tier 4: 22,500,000 PayBlok tokens sold at $ 0.28 USD per token
- Tier 5: 22,500,000 PayBlok tokens sold at $ 0.29 USD per token
- Tier 6: 67,500,000 PayBlok tokens sold at $ 0.30 USD per token

Who is able to purchase PayBlok tokens?

PayBlok can be purchased by buyers who have been pre-qualified by InstaSupply.

Is PayBlok an ERC20 Token?

Yes. PayBlok tokens operate on the Ethereum blockchain.

About PayBlok for buyers

What are the benefits for buyers using PayBlok?

PayBlok enables you to extend payment terms to your suppliers while still providing them with immediate access to cash.

  • Your complete buying cycle remains on a single platform.
  • You are able to offer early payments to your suppliers using third party funding.
  • You are able to extend your payment terms to your suppliers.
  • You able to turn your payables into a revenue stream without any cash investment.

About PayBlok for suppliers

What the benefits for suppliers in using PayBlok?
  • Free invoicing platform.
  • Cost reduction in performing collections (less labor and resources required).
  • Improved cash flow.
  • Discounted liquidity when compared to bank loans, overdrafts, or factoring companies.
  • Off-balance sheet funding.
What is the criteria to access your financial solutions?

You must be a business, and your customers must be businesses.

How are your financial solutions different than a bank or factoring company?

We give a free invoicing solution and access to business finance without the complex bank paperwork, associated fees, requirement for personal guarantees, or any commitments.

How do I apply?

You can sign up online and begin using the platform right away.

How much funding can I access?

Supply chain finance

The total amount of funding available to suppliers corresponds to the total amount of approved invoices inside the InstaSupply Portal.

Asset-based lending

The total amount of funding available for suppliers holding tokens, via asset-based lending, corresponds to 60% of value of PayBlok tokens in their respective wallets.

How is funding provided by PayBlok secured?

Your unpaid approved customer invoices is what secures the funding. This avoids the need for any personal or business guarantees that banks require as we are purchasing an asset from you.

How much does accessing the funding cost?

Cost of supply chain financing

The cost is variable, and depends mostly on the original invoice payment terms.
Typically it is between 2% and 5% of the total invoice value.

Cost of asset lending

The cost is variable, and depends mostly on factors such as quantity and holding time of tokens.
Typically it is approximately 1% of total value of the tokens held.

How does PayBlok get repaid?

Repayments are collected when your customer(s) settle payment against the invoices by paying into our account.

What happens if my customer makes late payment or does not pay?

We do our best to ensure this does not happen by ensuring the invoice is securely approved first and the buyer is credit worthy.

How does it work?
  • Add Your Invoice(s)
    You are able to invoice your customers using our free-of-charge invoicing portal by uploading single or grouped invoice files, which our system will automatically pull details from. You can also create an invoice manually.

  • Invoices are Verified
    Once you have published your invoices to our invoicing portal. Will send to your customer a discreet verification request asking them to confirm the details of your uploaded invoice. You will be notified instantly once they have verified it.

  • Funding Provided
    Once invoices are verified, our funding pool can purchase your invoice and you will receive up to 98% of the face value of your invoice within 24 hours.

About PayBlok purchases

How will my purchase be confirmed?

Upon placing an order for PayBlok purchases you will receive a confirmation email outlining the details of your orders, with the following information:

  1. Quantity of tokens purchased
  2. Price per individual tokens
  3. Total order value
  4. Sales taxes (if applicable)